About ..

This site was developed in Django. It uses no frames or tables, only the magic of python, some javascript and css(3). If your browser renders this page incorrectly, please feel free to switch to something better.

I've created this site not because I desperately wanted a blog, but more because I think PHP is evil and Django is super awesome and I wanted to show that you don't need Wordpress or the like to create something nice.

If you stumble upon something that generally looks ugly and you can tell me how to make it look pretty, do let me know!

There should probably be a section here where I express my thanks to all the people who helped me (knowingly or otherwise) making this site. So in no particular order:

This site is running a combination of Nginx and Gunicorn. It used to be powered by Apache + mod_wsgi, but after a few basic tests I found that the current setup is much friendlier to the available resources. It's also backed by memcached and Elasticsearch, for Greater Speed.

Lastly, this site should validate correctly, except for a minor issue with the articles which uses ShareThis to display social media buttons and alters the <span> element. Oh, and apparently PayPal doesn't care about proper HTML/CSS either.

PS: Everything might go down at any moment, since I'm always trying out new things. Be prepared.