A brave new blog
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After years and years of denial, I have finally succumbed and created a blog. And by saying created, I really do mean created. Instead of doing what the majority of people nowadays do; that is, going to blogger.com, wordpress.com or the like and simply signing up for an account, or actually downloading wordpress (or Joomla, or Hippo, etc.) and running it on your virtual private server, I have taken it one step further and created a blog from scratch.

The reason for this is twofold: first of all, I don't like PHP very much to say the least and most of the currently available blog software for the masses is written in PHP. Second, I want control. Control of how the blog should look like, without having to tinker with various (third-party) themes and plug-ins. Since I'm a big fan of Django and written some smaller websites and applications using it, I thought it would be cool to use that as my web framework of choice.

I'm planning to make the source of the site publicly available through my Github account, but only at a point when I think it's usable. Right now if I had to pin a version to this project, I'd say it's past Alpha state and near the end of the final Beta. Bugs do still appear now and then, but I try to patch those as soon as I see 'm. Bare with me if you happen to find one I've missed.

There's always room for more improvement and change (both in code as in design) so please feel free to provide tips, patches (when source is published, of course), ideas and, if you can't help it, complaints. I'm willing to listen to anything you might have to say that helps improve this site in any way.

Last thing to say is that this is more a proof of concept than an actual blog. Don't get me wrong, I will do my best to post something here on a frequent base, but don't get your pants wet if you see there's no update for weeks (or months). It doesn't mean that I don't care. It just means I have more important things to do.


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